~ KTK ~
The KTK section focuses on the artworks of Mandy Booth aka Kia-tk. The Gallery shows various artworks varying from orignal pieces to a few fanart images of various popular titles. The commission and gifts section is works Kia has done for other people.
Kia-tk is currently working on 2 major projects on this site, Aftermath and 9-lives. Aftermath is a HUGE manga comprising of 3 series' which have at least 20+ volumes each. 9-lives is cute side project to keep Kia sane from all the hard work put into Aftermath, basically its like a breath of fresh air. However there seems to be little time to do ordinary art pieces, but when she does find the time to complete a piece it shall be placed here.
Kia started drawing seriously around the age of 13, it all started with a VERY badly drawn dragon named Chaz, Which then developed in drawing all sorts of dragons and mythical creatures. After a few years she eventually discovered the internet (age 16) and fell in love with many comics and different drawing styles such as Anthropomorthic and Anime/Manga. Now that she found so much inspiration she now wanted to draw Anthros and humans. At first they were very poor attempts but not giving up she kept up practising and is now at the level she is at today (age 20). Proof that you should never give up! :3