~ Aftermath ~
Aftermath is a manga we are hosting online for multiple reasons, one of the main reasons is for user feedback, which has helped us improve the quality of the manga itself. This means Aftermath shouldn't be taken the same way as a webmanga as it will move a lot slower in story as each volume is intended to be read at once.
Recently we finished chapter 1 and we decided to revamp the older pages to give the manga a more consistant feel, however we also decided it would be better to work this around the creation of the newer pages.
The story is about a child named Rhen as he is taken to a ninja academy. While there, he discovers he has an unusual talent he didnt know of before, to the annoyance and disbelief of others.
When we finish Volume 1 we will likly have it available for purchase online, but only when we are satisfied with the quality of the testing volume. The reason we will encourage the purchase of the manga is that the quality is reduced immensly with the web version being so small and the real manga will have no watermarks and this is a full time job for Kia.