~ 9-Lives ~
9-Lives is a webcomic about a family of cats with completly different personalities. It is not based on the human world, it is just cats living in a cat world of Catopia.
The style of 9-lives changes dramatically over the first few comics due to the space of time between them being created and the attempt to find the best style for the comic.
9-Lives was originally done as a one off, however due to the artists love of drawing these cats and its unprecidented fame, it was decided to make more. It took several months before page 2 was started and a more complex background method was taken however it took needlessly long to do the page so a more simplistic background method was decided upon for later pages. It is around page 8 that the style started to form into the 9-lives style.
The story is not serious or intended to create humor, It's just random events and random plotlines put together.
The story starts with a mischevious cat named Check causing trouble and ends up getting far deeper into a certain persons badside than he would ever wish to be. Meanwhile short-tempered Vanrie is having a bad day with everything seeming to be against him and getting in trouble for things he didnt do.
We had intended to end after chapter 1 to work full time on Aftermath, however we recieved a lot of positive feedback from people sad to not see an update to it since december, so we decided to work on both projects and havent regretted it since. :)